Welcome to Orange Motel, Cirali

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Çıralı is a small and cute village in the middle of Ancient Lycia.
 Olympos Ancient city, which is one of the most important cities of Ancient Lycia, is located on the right of Çıralı beach. The ever burning fire of ancient Lycia – Chimaera (Yanartaş) – is located on the left of the beach on the bottom of the mountain right behind the village.

During your stay in our motel, you can enjoy many activities besides swimming in the crystal waters of Çıralı and sunbathing under the sun. You should definitely see Olympos Ancient City that is in walking distance as well as Chimaera (Yanartaş) that is normally visited after sunset. Trekking on Ancient Lycia roads and bicycling can be extremely entertaining and teaching. You can oversee Antalya from Tahtalı mountain with a height of 2365 m that is accessed by ropeway.

During your holiday in our motel, you will benefit from natural and healthy foods.

It’s a Paradise; Cirali

Orange Motel is a small and boutique family-owned Motel. It is located in a peaceful and tranquil site in harmony with nature among hundreds of various plants and flowers within a large orange garden. Rooms are covered with high quality and fragrant cedar wood.


You can also have muesli-yogurt or muesli-milk. There are plenty of homemade jams made of organic fruits of which you will adore dried fig jam. Famous Çıralı honey, walnut, goat cheese, Ezine cheese, herby cheese, kasseri cheese are waiting for you. Very special extra virgin olive oil and olives, village eggs, butter, tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelon and melon will be perfect matches for your palate. We also offer various pastries and cakes, French type pancakes, various breads… Your breakfast will turn into a feast…